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About us

Landmark Estates III, a pet friendly community, is a unique townhome community located in the Varsity neighborhood. In 2017, Avenue Magazine declared Varsity as the best neighborhood in Calgary stating that it gives residents "all the best parts of old and new". To this day, Varsity retains a top 3 position only being second to Brentwood.

Landmark Estates III upholds these same top qualities that make Varsity a sought-after location. If you are looking for a home with access to parks and pathways, low crime, walkability, with great access to shopping, restaurants, cafes, VIP theaters and pubs; plus, high community engagement, then Landmark Estates III is a great community to call home.



Landmark Estates III is truly an oasis in the middle of the city, containing all the following and more:

  • 83 townhomes situated on 13 acres of lush lawns and tranquil gardens

  • Hundreds of mature trees

  • Four large ponds with seating areas 

  • Diverse species of birds

  • Other wildlife including some bobcats from time to time

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The lifestyle found at Landmark Estates III reflects the Varsity community is one of respect, peacefulness, and safety. No effort is spared in ensuring that our community is well maintained with timely maintenance of our lawns, gardens and ponds, and snow removal when the white stuff falls.

With Covid-19 finally coming under control, our community is excited to resume engaging with each other, creating closer bonds and a tighter community that can rely on one another. To that end, we run community activities such as: Ladies Teas, Performance on the Pond, Stampede events, and more.

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Location & Amenities

Landmark Estates III is perfectly located to diverse and key amenities in Calgary, providing residents with access to shopping, education, parks, entertainment and much more.

Whatever is not walkable can be easily reached by nearby public transit including Brentwood C-Train Station or city bus service.


These services are all within easy walking distance:

  • University of Calgary

  • Market Mall including Market Mall Professional Centre

  • Schools

  • Foothills and Alberta Children's Hospital

  • Public Transit

  • University District

  • Bowmont Park

University District.png

University District

U of C.jpg

of Calgary

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Our Townhomes

The Landmark Estate III townhome units boast architecture unlike any other. Built in the 1980's, these units were marketed as luxury homes touting modern open spaces, large private decks, many backing onto our magnificent ponds, private front drive garages, huge windows, and walk-in closets. To this day, these units not only retain the quality of the build but also remain trendy and modern due to their unique design.

If you want to kick it up a notch or knock it out of the ballpark like this fabulous new reno, a townhome at Landmark Estates will provide an amazing canvas for your ultimate dream home, in one of the top neighborhoods in Calgary.

Landmark from the Sky



When evaluating a community that is managed by a condo board, understanding the quality and proactiveness of management is key to a stress free and secure lifestyle, one where you can be confident in your board to be prompt in addressing any community issues.

All Landmark Estates III board members are owners and residents in our community. Each member boasts extensive professional experience that enables them to excel in their respective roles. Through a long-term, integrated management plan and philosophy, the board has maintained a responsible and positive fiscal management strategy, with short and long-term strategic planning that is responsive to changing priorities as well as being a safety net to all current residence.

Transparency is very important and that is why we have made our documentation publicly available and welcome any inquiries and/or questions. You can also visit and filter by our postal code (T3A 2M7) for any additional documents that you may need.

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Live performance by the talented and local singers/songwriters, Annika & Aaron, 2022

What Our Residents  Say

Reading all about the incredible location, amenities, and units is only one part of any future homeowner’s decision-making process, the other is talking with the locals and understanding the realities of life in this neighborhood. So don’t take our word for it, here is what our residents have to say about Landmark Estates III:

"It's like living at a vacation property in the middle of the city."

"I like having both a sense of a community and a sense of privacy."

"I love being able to walk to so many places; everything I need is close by."

"My friends ask 'how did you find this place? It's a gem!'"


Contact Us

Are you a realtor, prospective owner, or simply curious to learn more about our wonderful community? Please don't hesitate to reach out, we are happy to provide any additional information or clarify any questions you may have. You can also download our information brochure found below for more insights.

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